Floppies 101 uses for plus other Random thoughts

We have just had Long Bank holiday weekend in the U.K. so I have taken the opportunity to carry out some spring cleaning and have  been clearing out a load of boxes . I came across a long forgotten box of floppy disks. It took be another 20 minutes to locate my USB Floppy drive…


Lets give Barbie and interesting Career

  Well this is a bit of a fun post . One of my colleagues told me about this website . Where there is a contest going on to choose Barbie’s next career… and computer engineering is one of the options! If you have a moment, go to the link below and vote for Computer…


Happy New Year ! from Chilly Britain and looking forward to BETT

Well I am back to work and have now found some spare time to blog a little. Well we have been in the grips of a snow freeze here in the U.K. with temperatures dropping to –13C yes Celsius not Farenhite. Because we are not used to such weather we have had road chaos as…


Merry Xmas Everyone

Well I Know 2009 has been a busy busy year. And for some of you a tough year too. Therefore I wish you all the best and I am taking a break  for the Christmas Holidays. I would like to wish Everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Below is a…


Merry Christmas Everyone !

Well this will be my last blog of the year. I have really enjoyed my blogging adventure so far. I hope you keep travelling with me on my journey. Since I have started work at Microsoft I have had a ball…and been really enjoying all the opportunities that have been presented to me so far….

For the Geek who has everything !

For a bit of Friday Fun (It has been a hard week !) and the season of Christmas fun. I came across this in my Internet shopping travels. I am sorry but this must be the most “geekish” present you could buy for your loved one. a LED Belt Buckle………really !. This made me LOL…

Were just good at it !

According to the BBC Technology Web site Women will drive online shopping this christmas by outspending men !. Well I can certainly say I am holding up my end of the bargain. Glass of Wine in hand and a very warm Credit Card, without the stress of hitting the High Street…….bliss pure bliss.

I know I am impatient but really !

As I gear myself up with a glass of wine and sit down in front of my laptop to do a spot of Christmas Internet Shopping …(I buck the trend of most girls…my not being a fan of shopping for the sake of it !. ) my eye was drawn to this article on the…

Have your cake and eat it !!

This made me laugh….well it is Friday. Apparently the Microsoft Internet Explorer team sent the Firefox team a Congratulations cake for shipping ontime !….I wonder if anyone will send us a cake when we launch our EVO (Exchange Vista and Office) in the very near future.:)


Trainspotter Heaven

This made me smile, so I thought I would end the week with it. I just love steam trains, as do my two little boys.So when I saw that we had a Train Simulator I got all excited !. To add to my excietement we have added a simulated steam train environment . This is based on the…