RSAT Tools now fully released and available for download

Hi there. After a refreshing Easter Break being blown around the Gower Peninsula in Wales. Which is absolutely beautiful part of the United Kingdom Wales. I come back to work and the biggest news for me of the day is that RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) is now available for download from Microsoft’s Web site….


Group Policy Best Practise Analyzer – Not Sung from the Mountaintops

I have been recently writing a Group Policy Course and have looked at in some detail the Group policy Best Practise Analyzer. I must admit I had let this pass me by a bit. It was released by us Last August 2007, with not much of a Fanfare. But I would strongly encourage you to…


Some Useful Links to Share around ADGMP

I thought I would share a few of the useful public links I have come across in my further research around Advanced Group Policy Management, which is  available as  part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization  Pack. Please see below for the links. I will post more and share some others if you have found some…


Post Teched and Stuff

Well I had a fantastic Time @ Teched IT Forum Last week working on the Ask the Expert Stands with my colleagues from PFE.  Myself and Wayne Richards were working on the Server Core Stand alongside Andrew Mason Senior Program Manager of Server Core. There is an excellent Technet Spotlight Presentation here I also managed…