Enterprise Domain Controllers Group and Group Policies

Myself and a colleague Mark Empson have been developing a New Service entitled a GPO Health Check that looks at every aspect of the health of your Group Policies. Well one of the tests involved was checking for any Group Policies that had only the Read Group Policy Object permission and not the Apply Group…


Correction for Group Policy Settings added to Windows 2008

Hi Everyone, We want to let you know that there is a correction to the link to download “Group Policy Settings added to Windows 2008”. So if you are looking for it the link is here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=18c90c80-8b0a-4906-a4f5-ff24cc2030fb Apologies if you have had trouble finding it


Interesting Issue with Major Implications

Hi , I had an interesting issue with a customer recently. After a recent promotion of a couple of Domain Controllers , it came to light some time later that users were able to set their passwords to 0 e.g. minimum password length = 0. On investigation what was discovered was the following. When the…


Bite size Learning Snacks

well this is a rather neat addition to our methods of learning. If you really want to just dip your toe into a subject and have a “snack” then please see the following range of  “Learning Snacks” For other Windows Server 2008 Learning Snacks, please visit: Windows Server 2008   Introducing Branch Office Server in…


Good Evening and Meeting of Old and New Friends

  Hi Everyone, I had a great evening last night at Cardinal Place Microsoft in London. I was presenting at the ADUG ( Active Directory Users Group ) meeting as run by Mark Parris. My session was on AGPM V.30 plus also highlighting some of the key new features that are going to be available…


Great Info On AGPM4.0

If you are looking to get some good information around the forthcoming next version of AGPM  Version 4.0, then look no further that Technet. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee382452.aspx I was very pleasantly suprised at the amount of information that has been posted up there and the detail and depth of the content for this yet unreleased version. So…


Group Policy Settings Spreadsheet Windows 7

Hello Everyone, I am now back after my summer holidays and various excursions abroad. So I intend to get back to some regular blogging. The Group Policy team have been busy and have now updated collated and made it easier to download the Group Policy Settings spreadsheets into one location. Also the Group Policy Settings…


Upcoming Event @ ADUG (Active Directory User Group )

Hi myself and a colleague Richard Diver will be talking at the upcoming ADUG as run  Mark Parris on the 15th of June @6.15pm. http://adug.eventbrite.com/. This will be held at our London Office Microsoft (London) Cardinal Place 100 Victoria Street London, London, City Of SW1E 5JL United Kingdom We will be talking around the following…


Revisiting and important question

A little while ago I posted about what is considered best practice with regards to the Default Domain Controller policies and Default Domain Policy. http://blogs.technet.com/janelewis/archive/2007/04/24/just-don-t-do-it.aspx At the time I was struggling to find some good examples to back up my post. However After some discussion internally some learned and  senior escalation engineers for Microsoft in…


Another Tool to add to your Group Policy Vista Troubleshooting Kit

Well I have been talking quite a bit around Group Policies recently. Well that is because I have been involved with some colleagues in putting together some material for a new Group Policy Course that will be hopefully available soon to Premier Customers. One of the tools that I came across in my research was…