A good background to the new Exchange MMC

I really like this blog entry on the you had me at EHLO which was posted a little while ago, which explains the reasoning and the motivation and thought process behind the complete rewrite of the Exchange 2007 Management Console. It is quite an interesting read and reveals the major depth of work and consideration…


What a ride

I would just like to say thankyou to all those that attended the Exchange Vista Office UK IT Pro Product Launch yesterday at Thames Valley Park in Reading. It was nice meeting so many people at the breaks and talking “technology”. I enjoyed the day and it was great to have a chance to demo…


If you are looking for Exchange 2007 Training…….

Paul Flaherty has highlighted the new MOC Exchange 2007 Training. This is based on Beta 2 Code so take a look if you are interested in updating your skillset. I am going to print of my copy and get reading !!.


Encouraging you to attend, as we all know Messaging is King or Queen !

Ladies and gentlemen a call to attend what will be a great first inaugral meeting of the Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Group in the UK.  Jason Langridge blogged about the agenda and Steve Clayton has blogged about it. So I am adding my voice to the choir. Please come along to either event held at Reading on…


Security it is All our responsiblity

I came across at the weekend a really interesting article on Wserver News   The  article that caught my eye talks not only about Bump Keys, but also the physical security, or lack of it for laptop locks. It certainly made me sit back and think, especially after reading Stephen Lambs blog on “where do you start when…