Happy New Year ! from Chilly Britain and looking forward to BETT

Well I am back to work and have now found some spare time to blog a little. Well we have been in the grips of a snow freeze here in the U.K. with temperatures dropping to –13C yes Celsius not Farenhite. Because we are not used to such weather we have had road chaos as…


Its been a while but I am back now

Apologies for my long abstinence from blogging.. However I had a close family bereavement which meant that I was not quite myself for a while. However I am back now and raring to go. As you know I am cycling across Madagascar for Computer Aid International. The great news is as you can see from…


Teched Orlando Wish me Luck

Well here I am with my colleague Mark Empson busily preparing for our Session "Power of Windows 2008" at Teched in Orlando Florida. So Please have a quick prayer on our behalf to the Demo Gods so they will look kindly down on us. I am also working on the TLC Demo Booths for Server…


Welcome to the Blogosphere

A good friend and colleague Mark Empson has entered the Blog Community. He is to be found here http://blogs.technet.com/mempson/. His main areas of technology will be Platforms and Active Directory. But I happen to know he is an guru on Windows 2008 so keep a close eye on some really excellent blog entries over the…


What Eats my Weekends

It was good fun reading this article by Steve Ranger talking about how so called time saving gadgets which are meant to save your time ….you end up wasting hours and hours “playing” with them. I can totally empathise with this. I recently spent an aimless Saturday afternoon checking out all the functionality on my…


My 15 minutes of Fame

Well back from Orlando Florida after having a brilliant and technically challenging time. I was manning the Technical Learning Center on the Server Core Stand, and met loads of great colleagues and other professionals. I also was working alongside Ben Pearce and Justin Zarb, and Wayne Richards.I also  caught up with Eileen who was delivering the Women…


Welcome to a couple of colleagues to the blogosphere

A couple of my colleagues in Premier Field Engineering have started blogs and I am pretty excited about it. These two colleagues have fantastic knowledge and come from a rich background of experience working for GTSC here at Microsoft. So please check out their blogs; Ben Pearce – http://blogs.technet.com/benp/ – his first blog entry has some…


Merry Christmas Everyone !

Well this will be my last blog of the year. I have really enjoyed my blogging adventure so far. I hope you keep travelling with me on my journey. Since I have started work at Microsoft I have had a ball…and been really enjoying all the opportunities that have been presented to me so far….


Blogging on the Move

Making use of downtime is really important to me….and as a girl of course I have that great ability to multi – task. I am writing this blog while watching the T.V……Anyway, I have just been recommended this blogger tool to blog from your Pocket Pc. I am going to give it a try next…


Bloggings Peaks and Troughs

I try to blog every day. Sometimes due to Work and Family pressures it is a little late at night….or I miss a day or two…but heh I dont miss many. Therefore it was with interest that I read the BBC article BBC NEWS | Technology | Blogging ‘set to peak next year’.  Apparently Technorati…