Bite size Learning Snacks

well this is a rather neat addition to our methods of learning. If you really want to just dip your toe into a subject and have a “snack” then please see the following range of  “Learning Snacks” For other Windows Server 2008 Learning Snacks, please visit: Windows Server 2008   Introducing Branch Office Server in…


Windows Live Writer…gaining momemtum

I have been using WLW (Windows Live Writer) for some weeks now and have been watching the blogs with interest to see how it is being received and used. It is great to hear positive comments. For Example Michael Beck, Blogged today how he enoys the simplicity and self contained nature of this tool. Plus…


New Add-in for Windows Live Writer

I like many of my blogging colleagues have been using Windows Live Writer for a while now to construct save and post their blogs. I really love it as it means that if you get an odd 5 minutes during the day you can start a draft of your blog and save it for later….