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We have just had Long Bank holiday weekend in the U.K. so I have taken the opportunity to carry out some spring cleaning and have  been clearing out a load of boxes . I came across a long forgotten box of floppy disks. It took be another 20 minutes to locate my USB Floppy drive reader. After going through the floppies which seemed so sloooow, as I was carrying this out I sat there reminiscing about my old dual floppy 720k non hard disk phillips pc , then my old 286 Olivetti pc came flashing into my brain. Then suddenly I started getting all romantic about my 520k ? orginal IBM pcs I used to support in a previous life, plus the excitement I felt when I took delivery of my first IBM PS2 machine with 4 mb of Ram and a 40mb hard drive. By this time I had looked through all my floppies and found some old photos and Sibelius arrangements my husband had done years ago. Then I realised with a start how long I had been working in this fascinating , changing, frustrating  and exhilarating industry and then plugged in my shiny new 32gb USB stick to transfer the contents of my floppies to :)…..Happy days !

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