Changing you Colour Scheme in Office and Outlook 2010

Well my friend and Colleague Justin Zarb showed me something funky in Office2010 beta today. He was running his installation with a great “Black” colour scheme in Outlook, similiar to below;


The way he set this up was to go into options in word and choose optimize ribbon.


Then you have a choice of either Black , Silver or Blue.

Note this not only affects Word but also all your other suite of Office 2010 Applications including Outlook.

It is funny how the small things like that can make me happy !

Comments (25)

  1. zarbie says:

    Just to let you know that this is also available in office 2007. Make office your own! …. and virtualize it at the same time :o)

  2. 3 choices!?!?! says:

    Thanks microsoft for now allowing me to make my own themes.

  3. not happy says:

    the schemes really suck. it makes the navigation pane really difficult to read, everything looks faded.

  4. howdy doody says:

    @not happy – 800×600 usually helps 🙂

  5. micah says:

    is this a deployable option??? via OCT or GPO?

  6. rosenthal says:

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  9. ewew says:

  10. moneymag says:

    grey is morea pleasing for the eye i think.

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  25. William Paiva says:

    We don´t have the option to customize as we want, because We just have only 3 options of colors, I would like to know if is it possible add more color ?
    Thank you

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