“Badda Bing!”


Ok I am looking for suggestions all clean please :). With the launch of Bing (Beta) in the U.K. we have caused quite flurry of responses across the I.T. press.


So I am sat here thinking it would be great to have a Bing speak competition. So if you can think of some cool clean ways of including the word Bing in your conversation then feedback to me with your suggestions.


I am just going to start Binging for that”

“ Bing bang bong ….found it "!”

“ I am going to Bingle it “

“ I have been Bingled”

“ Bing is your friend”

“Bing to you hearts content”

But in all seriousness give Bing the attention it deserves and try some of the features that are available in the Beta Phase to you in the U.K.;

1. New Image Homepage – we’re using stunning high definition photography that differentiate us from the blank white page.

2. Best Match – the feature presents results for popular searches intuitively and this saves you clicks and gets you to your answer quicker

3. Ciao! Shopping Integration – we’re offering you the opportunity to shop directly from Bing using Ciao! product comparisons and user reviews (Ciao! is the shopping network Microsoft acquired in October -- read more about Ciao! here)

All the above features and more can be looked at here them http://www.discoverbing.co.uk

So go out today and have a Binging good day. 🙂

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