Its been a while but I am back now

Apologies for my long abstinence from blogging.. However I had a close family bereavement which meant that I was not quite myself for a while. However I am back now and raring to go. As you know I am cycling across Madagascar for Computer Aid International. The great news is as you can see from my website is that Sam Hassani and I have reached our personal joint fundraising target of £3000. Which means with Microsoft U.K. match funding this we have personally raised £6000 towards such a worthy cause. On our bike ride I will be tracking our journey by using a really cool bit of software than runs on a Windows Mobile platform amongst others by http://sportsdo.netsportsdo_white . Many thanks to Cathy Greenstead who has provided this software free of charge plus additional gizmos to help us let all our sponsors and friends and families know how we are going to progress on our trip.

However this software does so much more. As it states on its website. It cansportsdo "SportsDo is a GPS sports tracking system for your mobile phone which enables you to record your sporting activities while broadcasting live tracking stats to friends and family via the SportsDo web portal.
Detailed analysis of your activities can be performed"

So if I get up early enough tomorrow morning and if it is not raining track me as I go out on my training cycle ride !.

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