Windows 2008 Launch Birmingham ICC U.K. – WOW !

Well it went with a Bang not a Whimper and I can proudly say I was part of it. The Windows 2008 Launch on the 19th of March was I feel a great success and was a real testament to the team who put in alot of hard work to make it go seamlessly. So I would like to congratulate Gareth Hall (Windows Server Product Manager) and his team. It felt to me like a mini-teched. I was presenting with Matt McSpirit  in Hall 1 (1400 people). on “Core Infrastructure Improvements in Windows Server 2008”.  I am glad to say it went really well and I enjoyed immensely presenting alongside Matt as we had a good repartee going together.  We tried to make the presentation not too formal with loads of demos. I think the Audience appreciate real engineers talking about the technology and how we interpret its implementation and deployment. Also we wanted to keep it as Technically focused as possible.  Matt as had more experience in presenting to that number of people than me and certainly put me at my ease. But it is funny how your mind can go blank . Just before I was about to start I could not remember the command ......cscript scregedit.wsf /cli ...which I was demoeing as part of my Server Core presentation. I have typed this command and demoed this command a million times before !

So while Matt was doing his bit I was busy trying to focus my brain on the syntax....which had the effect of removing all nerves. So when it came to the brain cells had happily returned.

Obviously the key announcement of the day was the that Hyper -V is at release Candidate now and was available for download from 5pm yesterday. It was great that we had the chance in the U.K. to make that announcement as it made the day that extra special. Lots of people have blogged about this including Matt so for more details and links click the hyperlink to Matts Blog above. So to give you a flavour of the day see below for some pics. The drummers were brilliant and really provided a great atmosphere to the event. They were a group called "Noise Ensemble".

Main Stage Hall 1Community AreaThe Drummers !Jane Lewis (ME !)Amanda Foote Partner Stands

I am off on Easter Break now so speak to you all after Easter.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a launch. The day felt like a mini TechEd with a buzz I haven’t noticed for ages at an event.

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