A Great Evening and much food for thought ?

I had a great evening the other night representing Microsoft at BCS IT Computer Awards Dinner 2007 http://www.bcs.org/server.php?show=conWebDoc.16272. It was a great occasion and a great chance to dress up !. However Microsoft was up for a couple of awards most notably;

GCS Women in I.T. Award  and also up for the Project Excellence Award. See below of a picture of our table. (I am behind the camera !).

DSC00346 640 x 480 DSC00349 640 x 480

As you can see Eileen Brown was there (2nd picture). plus my  Boss Paul Norris (Paul Norris) .As you know Women in I.T. is particularly close to my heart and although we didn't win I was really proud that Microsoft reach the final. However I have had some thoughts around this area over the last week. The question which comes to mind is how can we encourage more girls to seek out I.T. as a career. Well my thoughts around the subject is that we have to catch them young. Before they make their GCSE choices. Plus then provide them with strong role models so by the time they come to do A'levels and Computer related degrees they are hooked. How can this be done ?. Should this be a national initiative ? Should this be supported by us and other I.T. organizations. Well in my opinion I think the answer to these questions is yes . How do we get there...I am still thinking around that one. What do you think ?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m working quite a lot with Groove at the moment as I’m putting together an event for women which involves

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