Useful Windows 2008 Documents for review

My colleague Mark Empson in Premier Field Engineering is doing an absolutely fantastic job in helping us Ramp up to Windows Server 2008. This list he put together of useful documents to read is too good not to share, so see below for some really useful technical reading.

Useful Documents to Review for Windows 2008

GPMC Scripts

The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) provides a comprehensive set of COM interfaces that you can use to script many of the operations supported by the console. Included in this download is a set of sample scripts that make use of these interfaces.

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ADMX language Templates

Group Policy tools use Administrative template files to populate policy settings in the user interface. This allows administrators to manage registry-based policy settings.
This download includes the Administrative template released for Windows Vista, in the following languages:

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Windows 2008 Step-by-Step Guides for IT Professionals

These step-by-step guides provide instructions for deploying or migrating to Windows Server 2008, and various management tasks, including configuring security, monitoring performance, and managing printers.

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Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Design and Deployment Guides

The Windows BitLocker Design and Deployment guides describe the various aspects of planning for deploying Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption for Windows Vista® Enterprise and Windows Vista® Ultimate computers in an enterprise environment. The document is organized in two guides, and you should carefully consider each guide before you deploy BitLocker Drive Encryption.

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Windows Server 2008 Technical Overviews

These technical overviews provide IT Professionals with information about how a Windows Server 2008 technology works. They may also cover design and planning considerations and basic setup and operating instructions.

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Windows Server 2008 Virtualization Product Overview

Get an early look at Windows Server 2008 virtualization by downloading this product overview. This document provides an overview of Windows Server Virtualization and explores Microsoft's Virtualization Strategy, how it addresses key business needs including server consolidation, business continuity, testing and development, moving toward a dynamic data center and branch office.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system requirements

For important information you should know prior to deploying and using the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system, including known issues

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The Distributed File System 2003 Management Pack for Ops Man 2007

The Distributed File System 2003 Management Pack monitors events placed in the Application event log by DFS and raises alerts to indicate possible service outages or configuration problems that require operator intervention. Using embedded expertise, this Management Pack highlights performance, health, and availability conditions that indicate problems.

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DNS 2000/2003   Management Pack for Ops Man 2007

The Windows Domain Name System Management Pack monitors DNS events placed in the Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 system event logs

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