Audit Changes to Group Policies

An Interesting question came up at work this week. That was

How do you Audit the fact that someone has modified a Group Policy ?

Well the general concensus was the following;

Check out the following excellent blog article

Windows Security Logging and Other Esoterica : Monitoring Group Policy Changes with Windows Auditing

Useful and excellent article on exactly what settings to Audit .

But also 3rd party tools have a part to play here, such as Quest and Netpro.

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  1. AllenRich says:

    Thanks for sharing helpful information related to audit changes to Group Policies. It found this utility from which enables to audit and get the report on the GPO changes with the predefined reports, live feed, and real-time alerts in AD environments.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, this article is quite useful, but as you said there is a place for 3rd party tools. I think it’s much easier. Not sure about the utilities you mentioned above. Personaly I prefer active administrator (I hope you’ve heard about it – it’s from scriptlogic). It has powerful <a href="">group policy auditing</a> features and it handles just any tasks that can appear in active directory administration practices.

  3. Mr Robin says:

    i have enjoyed this great information so much. This was really very interesting and helpful to read.

  4. Rakesh says:

    Issue:- CPU Usages 25% but Ideal time showing 95% why? & how to troubleshoot.

    There are 21 Windows 2008 x86 placed in OU and out of one is server showing some difference in processor usages however if I move that server to different OU and everything becomes normal for that server. All servers are virtual machines. Can someone explain
    what to look into to fix the issue & is it GPO issue?

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