A Great Evening and much food for thought ?

I had a great evening the other night representing Microsoft at BCS IT Computer Awards Dinner 2007 http://www.bcs.org/server.php?show=conWebDoc.16272. It was a great occasion and a great chance to dress up !. However Microsoft was up for a couple of awards most notably; GCS Women in I.T. Award  and also up for the Project Excellence Award….


Some Useful Links to Share around ADGMP

I thought I would share a few of the useful public links I have come across in my further research around Advanced Group Policy Management, which is  available as  part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization  Pack. Please see below for the links. I will post more and share some others if you have found some…


Internet Safety and your Child plus other musings

One of the most interesting and thought Provoking sessions I attended @ Teched was by Laura Chappell. Her session on Internet Safety was absolutely excellent plus also her session on “Why the network is slow “. This can be viewed from this location webcast. I also recommend you check out her website especially her Internet…


Post Teched and Stuff

Well I had a fantastic Time @ Teched IT Forum Last week working on the Ask the Expert Stands with my colleagues from PFE.  Myself and Wayne Richards were working on the Server Core Stand alongside Andrew Mason Senior Program Manager of Server Core. There is an excellent Technet Spotlight Presentation here I also managed…


Welcome to the Blogosphere

A good friend and colleague Mark Empson has entered the Blog Community. He is to be found here http://blogs.technet.com/mempson/. His main areas of technology will be Platforms and Active Directory. But I happen to know he is an guru on Windows 2008 so keep a close eye on some really excellent blog entries over the…


Get Safe Online

My two boys are growing up fast and as a consequence are using the computer more and more. I think I am a responsible parent who is pretty Internet and security savvy and ensure they are exposed to an Internet Environment that I monitor and control. However not everyone is as I.T. Literate plus also…


Heading to Teched IT Forum Barcelona 2007

Well I am now getting excited. I am going to be working on the Ask the Experts Stand @ Teched IT Forum  in Barcelona next week. I am really looking forward to this as I had an absolutely brilliant time out in Orlando this year at Teched.  I will be intending to build upon my…


How to tell when you are infected !

As soon as friends or acquaintances find out about the job I do then it turns into a Doctors waiting room of people asking questions around the various ailments on their Computer. To be honest I don’t really mind and usually advise them the best I can. Plus  the offer of a bottle of wine…


The Ultimate Steal – Calling all students and anyone with AC.UK email address

A BIG SORRY…..my link missed out a vital comma at the end of it !….should be working now. Here is an offer you cannot refuse. I have been informed by my colleagues that there is a great offer out there for Education. Being a School Governor this is particularly close to my heart. So take…


Useful Windows 2008 Documents for review

My colleague Mark Empson in Premier Field Engineering is doing an absolutely fantastic job in helping us Ramp up to Windows Server 2008. This list he put together of useful documents to read is too good not to share, so see below for some really useful technical reading. Useful Documents to Review for Windows 2008 GPMC…