My 15 minutes – Well not quite !

If you want to learn a little bit more about me and  my job at Microsoft and why I joined, then here is a little bit of self – promotion !. I was interviewed a little while ago by PartnerTV. I had pushed it to the back of my mind (as I am a little…


Happy Birthday all round

Did you know that  Microsoft is 30 years old !. Well Jonathan of the Microsoft office Word Teams Blog has a great blog entry around this which James brought to my attention. It actually has Bill Gates first business card posted up their….cool. Talking of Birthdays, it is my husbands soon and I am looking…


Evo Launch Next Week 12th December (UK Reading)

Guys and girls a couple of esteemed fellow bloggers have already mentioned this…Stephen Lamb and Eileen Brown..the  Launch of Vista and Office is taking place at the Reading Campus on the 12th of December. Go to this link to register. BTW wish me luck. Eileen has persuaded me to do a  demo…..oh how I love…


Disaster Recovery Documents Useful Locations

I have been doing some work around disaster recovery recently of a Windows 2003 Active Directory. Here is a useful link list of locations I have put together. You may not be aware that the Disaster recovery white paper has been updated. Windows Server 2003 Forest Recovery Whitepaper Windows 2003 Operations Guide 840001…


Were just good at it !

According to the BBC Technology Web site Women will drive online shopping this christmas by outspending men !. Well I can certainly say I am holding up my end of the bargain. Glass of Wine in hand and a very warm Credit Card, without the stress of hitting the High Street…….bliss pure bliss.


Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 – Beta 2 available for download

This is now available for download from this location. This version of Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1  – Beta 2 will work with Vista. However a little tweaking needs to be carried out first. For the Virtual Server environment to work correctly under Vista, IIS settings need configuring in the following way; To do…


Why do I Blog?

This was a question asked of me by a colleague recently. Why do you waste your time blogging everyday. Well it took my breath away a little bit because I never considered I was wasting my time !. Well here are my top 5 reasons for why I blog. 1. A good way to pass on…


Pity the Poor Pdc(e)

The Pdc emulater is a very busy bee. It has a multitude of tasks and roles in a busy Active Directory Environment. It can be especially in larger networks subject to what is known as “piling on”. Some of the main causes of this is due to the multitude of tasks it is expected to…


The best way to find out what is happening during logon

I was asked by a customer last week, “What is the best way to really find out what is happening to my Group Policies during the Logon Process”. My answer is ….use Userenv logging. If you do not know what that is check out the following Webcast Plus also kbarticle. Once switched on…


This is really worth checking out

  If you are a small business or know a small business which would benefit from a great professional looking web presence which is packed with features and functionality to make your business work smoothly and effectively. Check out the Microsoft office live site now and sign up for the beta. “Microsoft Office Live services…