Well I lied ….just one more blog before the Year Ends

Well you know what its like....the time between Christmas and New Year when you are on holiday almost seems like a hangover and I get itchy fingers being away from my technosphere !....yes I know I am a bit sad. Anyway...I noticed I have been tagged....by Eileen to reveal 5 things about myself which no-one knows...then tag 5 other bloggers...the last bit may be a bit of a challenge as I have not been blogging that long. But hey here goes.

1. I am married (17 years !) with two beautiful children Jack 5 and Will 7. My  lovely husband is Graeme ...who puts up with all my geekiness !.

2. I play the Piano and Trumpet !....and absolutely love music both Classical especially Bach, and Pop and Swing and Rock....all kinds. That is how I met my hubby...who was conducting a Brass Group I was playing in.

3. I have run 4 Half Marathons and am currently in Training for my 5th which is the Reading Half Marathon this March 2007. I am going to be sponsered for this event to raise some money for my Sons Football\Soccer Club.

4. I have a similiar background to Eileen as I was in the Royal Navy for some years and my trade was Radio Telecomunications.

5. The hardest physical thing I have ever done apart from the Half Marathons was the Royal Marine Assault course at Lympstone United Kingdom.....I thought I had died at the end of it....and almost drowned in Peters Pool.When I ran it I was in Combats and Army Boots and DID NOT Wimp out of going underwater through the tunnels.The sense of achievement was fantastic !...I would do it again in a blink of an eye. I feel an idea for a Microsoft Offsite event forming !.

Ok I am now going to pingJamess, Stephen, Paul.....will have to work on the other two.

Happy New Year!

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