Why do I Blog?

This was a question asked of me by a colleague recently. Why do you waste your time blogging everyday. Well it took my breath away a little bit because I never considered I was wasting my time !. Well here are my top 5 reasons for why I blog.

1. A good way to pass on technical information which may be of interest to others

2. A great way to "brain dump" a particular area of technology I have been researching.

3. By blogging and talking about it, it often clarifies my thoughts and enables me to confirm my understanding in my mind.

4. My online reference which I can often use as a technical reference.

5. Giving a "human" face to Microsoft and also show the girls at Microsoft are every bit as technical as the guys !

Maybe you Guys can also think of some more reasons ?....

Also slightly off at a Tangent, it was interesting to read the news item on the BBC website

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Voluntary code for blogs needed

I am not "for" enforcing controls over content on the Internet. Yes I know that there are some extremely "distasteful" areas of the Internet which I as a Mum and a person who is a Law abiding and "Moral" person abhor. So as a Mum I guide and teach  & monitor by technology and close observation my children's use of the Internet. Just the same way as I control their exposure to T.V. D.V.D,s and any other material they are not mature enough to be exposed to. There is always a button called "shutdown" !. That I feel is my duty as a parent.

However, what I feel makes the Internet such a melting pot is its sheer diversity and I feel "policing" it would stifle this. Blogging is positive and I feel is one of the most Positive things that Microsoft employees who blog do to contribute to the technology "blogosphere". I know when I was on the other side of the fence that I used the Microsoft Blogs extensively to support me in my job, and used to really love finding out the latest information literally from the horses mouth. So on the whole with always the exception of the few or use it as an abusive tool, people should carry on blogging without the fear of being sanitized.

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