My Latest Gadget

Hi, on a somewhat lighter note of late. I have got a new really cool toy to play with. This is the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000. It has a really smooth action and has a duality of functions and features. If you are presenting you can flip it over use the control pad to to smooth your way through Powerpoint. It also has a built in laser pointer !. Yes I know I am easily pleased. The only down side at the moment is that the full range of features are not quite ready for Vista...therefore I am awaiting eagerly the RTM version to hit the decks because according to the website this is when the software drivers will become available.MK_po_wnpm8k_detail_1

It also comes with its own little plastic protective carry case which is great to protect it in your laptop bag. So if you are doing alot of presentations then I recommend this is the mouse for you !.

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