Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 – Beta 2 available for download

This is now available for download from this location. This version of Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1  – Beta 2 will work with Vista. However a little tweaking needs to be carried out first. For the Virtual Server environment to work correctly under Vista, IIS settings need configuring in the following way; To do…


Why do I Blog?

This was a question asked of me by a colleague recently. Why do you waste your time blogging everyday. Well it took my breath away a little bit because I never considered I was wasting my time !. Well here are my top 5 reasons for why I blog. 1. A good way to pass on…


Pity the Poor Pdc(e)

The Pdc emulater is a very busy bee. It has a multitude of tasks and roles in a busy Active Directory Environment. It can be especially in larger networks subject to what is known as “piling on”. Some of the main causes of this is due to the multitude of tasks it is expected to…


The best way to find out what is happening during logon

I was asked by a customer last week, “What is the best way to really find out what is happening to my Group Policies during the Logon Process”. My answer is ….use Userenv logging. If you do not know what that is check out the following Webcast Plus also kbarticle. Once switched on…


This is really worth checking out

  If you are a small business or know a small business which would benefit from a great professional looking web presence which is packed with features and functionality to make your business work smoothly and effectively. Check out the Microsoft office live site now and sign up for the beta. “Microsoft Office Live services…


Dns Pesky 7062 Error

The DNS 7062 error is a really quite annoying and frustrating error which can be caused for a variety reasons; The error message in the event log is as follows; “The DNS server encountered a packet addressed to itself on IP address” To troubleshoot this problem take the following actions. STEPS Check the following areas…


Seriously Cool Device

Sorry I have not posted for a few days. I was a bit under the weather….however back fighting fit now !. I am always losing things….keys usb sticks, husbands children!. Well I think I have found my ultimate geek chick Christmas present. This was reviewed on the BBC Technology Web Site, it is called a…


Configuration Best Practice for Wins

Even in a Windows 2003 AD environment Wins maybe still required, dependant on what applications you are running . However there are certain rules that must be adherred to for a healthy Wins Environment  Wins Servers should always be configured to point to themselves. This is because of the potential for split registrations. See Kb article Setting Primary and…


Viewing all Domain Controllers

You probably know this command already…but only have time for a quick post today. However a nice command I use to list all Domain Controllers is the following REPADMIN /VIEWLST *


Ports used in Active Directory Replication

A customer the other day was looking to configure his Domain Controller in a remote Branch Office behind a firewall. The question was what ports are required for Active Directory Replication. The answer is the following; Port Assignments for Active Directory Replication Service Name UDP TCP LDAP              389  389 LDAP                     636 LDAP                     3268 Kerboros         88    88 DNS               …