Detecting Vista with WMI Filters

James over on his Views on Vista blog has an excellent article on detecting via a Group Policy WMI filter the VISTA or Longhorn Operating system. He has even gone to the trouble of creating the script for you !. By the way this is an excellent blog if you are looking good solid information…


Unravelling Cnf

What are CNF Objects and what are they indicative of. Cnf objects are created by the Active Directory detected a “conflict”. As you are probably aware the Active Directory is a multi-master environment. Therefore if two Administrators in different parts of the active directory create an object in the same container with the same name then a conflict…


Have your cake and eat it !!

This made me laugh….well it is Friday. Apparently the Microsoft Internet Explorer team sent the Firefox team a Congratulations cake for shipping ontime !….I wonder if anyone will send us a cake when we launch our EVO (Exchange Vista and Office) in the very near future.:)


Repadmin unraveling the syntax

Repadmin is a command line tool that is of course extremely useful when it comes to troubleshooting replication problems. However as with all command lines the syntax has to be exactly right otherwise you will get a negative experience. The thing to remember about Repadmin is that you often have to conform to certain naming…


The call for Centro beta Testers

Kevin Beares blog has a very interesting blog entry on “Centro”. This looks like an exciting opportunity to get involved early on in the new Microsoft infrastructure solution that is aimed at midsize businesses with less that 250 PCs. If you are interested in getting involved, in the Centro Beta or Tap Programmed, then go to the…


Busy Bundling

We have been busy bundling together our recent acquisitions into a comprehensive “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack”. Eweek has a good review of this latest offering. It consists of the following products Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack The software maker is bundling four new software tools acquired from recent acquisitions: * Microsoft SoftGrid, from Softricity * Microsoft…


Great Zune Site

Was surfing around on a quiet Sunday night and and came across a cool Zune site. Check it out here… They are also running a competition at the moment to give away some cool zune swagg…..


Windows Live Writer…gaining momemtum

I have been using WLW (Windows Live Writer) for some weeks now and have been watching the blogs with interest to see how it is being received and used. It is great to hear positive comments. For Example Michael Beck, Blogged today how he enoys the simplicity and self contained nature of this tool. Plus…


If you are looking for Exchange 2007 Training…….

Paul Flaherty has highlighted the new MOC Exchange 2007 Training. This is based on Beta 2 Code so take a look if you are interested in updating your skillset. I am going to print of my copy and get reading !!.


Join the suds

We need you to help us populate our Soapbox with all your favorite cool, amusing informative and plain different videos !. So join in the launch of our Beta. Information about joining was posted in many different places but Michael Gannottis Blog has some great information and details regarding signing up. So do it now…