Managing your News and Rss Feeds on your Pocket Pc

I am really starting to use my Pocket Pc SPV M3100 and have  started to install a range of applications which help me do my job. I really have a requirement for a good News\RSS Reader for my pocket Pc, as I am trying to make it a habit to peruse a wide range of industry and technical information on a daily basis. Paul Flaherty pointed me in the right direction for a really good News Reader which will allow me to read my News Feeds and RSS subscriptions wirelessly or via Activesync passthrough to my desktop. This enables me to take my feeds with me and read them anywhere at my convenience, even in bed !. This product is Newsbreak by Iliumsoftware.  They have released a version specifically for Windows Mobile 5. Check it out and see what you think. I have installed it and IMHO I think it is a really useful tool.

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