Screaming for Mama by mobile !

I thought I would carry on the week with something that made me laugh out loud. On my favorite Radio Station "Radio 5 live", they featured a technology piece on Mobile phones and the problems of them being lost and stolen. I know that in Chicago last year over 80,000 mobile devices were left in Taxis !. As you know Windows Mobile 5 coupled with Exchange 2003 sp2 has the ability to remote wipe the phone and a range of Policy provisioning. With Exchange 2007 mobility features have been enhanced, for example enhanced searching, user driven remote wipe,ability to reply to meeting requests by sending and forwarding the message. However this product takes this to a whole other sound level !. Synchronica, has built into its mobile management product a Synchronica Scream Feature !.... I am not joking.This causes an annoying and embarrassing high pitched wail to be emitted from the stolen device. They were playing examples of the scream on the Radio....very loud and very annoying !. If you want to hear the sound click on the Synchronica link and play the mp3.....mmmm I wonder if it is too late to incorporated into Exchange 2007 ?. Joking aside this does raise the issue on how to tackle the issue of managing your mobile population. I recommend checking out the new features and functionality of Exchange 2007 mobility video by Max Ciccotosto that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.

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