Well I lied ….just one more blog before the Year Ends

Well you know what its like….the time between Christmas and New Year when you are on holiday almost seems like a hangover and I get itchy fingers being away from my technosphere !….yes I know I am a bit sad. Anyway…I noticed I have been tagged….by Eileen to reveal 5 things about myself which no-one knows…then…


Merry Christmas Everyone !

Well this will be my last blog of the year. I have really enjoyed my blogging adventure so far. I hope you keep travelling with me on my journey. Since I have started work at Microsoft I have had a ball…and been really enjoying all the opportunities that have been presented to me so far….


Blogging on the Move

Making use of downtime is really important to me….and as a girl of course I have that great ability to multi – task. I am writing this blog while watching the T.V……Anyway, I have just been recommended this blogger tool to blog from your Pocket Pc. I am going to give it a try next…


The KRBTGT Account – What is it ?

As part of the Active Directory Forest Recovery process the white paper talks about the KRBTGT Account. I often get asked what is this account and why do I need to reset its password twice ? Well here is the answer Key distribution service center account. Windows 2000 Kerberos authentication is achieved by the use…


A good background to the new Exchange MMC

I really like this blog entry on the you had me at EHLO which was posted a little while ago, which explains the reasoning and the motivation and thought process behind the complete rewrite of the Exchange 2007 Management Console. It is quite an interesting read and reveals the major depth of work and consideration…


Two mice are better than one

I came across an interesting article on  infoworld today. It talks about our Labs in india who have developed technology that enables several mice to be connected to a PC’s USB port. This is designed to aid the shortage of computers at schools in India and other emerging economies. This interests me because I am a…


Bloggings Peaks and Troughs

I try to blog every day. Sometimes due to Work and Family pressures it is a little late at night….or I miss a day or two…but heh I dont miss many. Therefore it was with interest that I read the BBC article BBC NEWS | Technology | Blogging ‘set to peak next year’.  Apparently Technorati…


What a ride

I would just like to say thankyou to all those that attended the Exchange Vista Office UK IT Pro Product Launch yesterday at Thames Valley Park in Reading. It was nice meeting so many people at the breaks and talking “technology”. I enjoyed the day and it was great to have a chance to demo…


Just to clarify

I have been following through the Windows 2003 disaster recovery guide recently in preperation for some work I will be completing for a customer. And it talks about raising the available RID pool value. The reason for this is to ensure that  no domain controller allocates a RID for a security principal that was created…


For the Geek who has everything !

For a bit of Friday Fun (It has been a hard week !) and the season of Christmas fun. I came across this in my Internet shopping travels. I am sorry but this must be the most “geekish” present you could buy for your loved one. a LED Belt Buckle………really !. This made me LOL…