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Gladys Kenfack is a pretty remarkable person. She works on the UPG team where she owns our strategy for web and digital marketing. She owns more than just the strategy because she does the actual work as well. She grew up in Cameroon, went to college in the US, and then worked as a software test engineer here at Microsoft for 5 years before joining the UPG marketing team this past fall.

Her personal story is so interesting that Marie Claire magazine is running a profile on her this month. You can read it here. They compare her with women who went on to become, among other things, race car drivers and novelists. Gladys’ passion is the social enterprise, and she does a great job combining her marketing skills, her technical skills, and her family background from Africa to help keep us honest here in Redmond. It’s one thing to talk about building technology that is relevant in emerging markets, Gladys simply knows what can and cannot work. We are very lucky to have her on the team.   

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