Thinking about the cloud (part 1).

I was telling someone recently that before I joined Microsoft I spent the late 1990s running a small training company. The number of employees varied, averaging out at a dozen or so. I delivered training, did the business management, helped the win over customers and I looked after the IT. It was like doing two…


Saving the world, and your sanity, one gadget at a time.

For as long as we have been talking about “Green IT” I’ve thought the opportunity to save carbon emissions by using IT to reduce travel was far greater than the opportunity to reduce the carbon emissions of IT itself. That’s not an excuse for leaving your monitor on or not using the Power saving features…


Hello Exchange 2010

Inside Microsoft we have this custom of “dog-fooding” new software, and Exchange 2010 is now at the point where Microsoft IT feel they can run it outside of North America. So a few days ago I got a mail saying my mail box was going to be moved to a new server “using the new…


My enduring love for OCS .. and a Nice windows 7 feature

My job as an evangelist focuses on Windows platform (client and Server OS), including management (i.e. PowerShell) and Virtualization. But there are other Microsoft products which from my day to day use of them I feel evangelical about. One is Windows Live Writer which is the best tool for composing blog posts that I’ve found….


PowerShell Verbs Vs Nouns

The first big PowerShell project I worked on was to produce the scripts in the OCS resource Kit. With OCS R2 announced, it won’t come as a great surprised that we’re working on the Reskit again and I’ve gone back to my scripts. Boy oh Boy have I learnt some stuff in the last year….


Reasons to go to San Diego.

Eileen has already mentioned that she’s going to San Diego (there’s a song in there somewhere).  I’ve only been to San Diego once – the year I joined Microsoft – and it was jolly nice city for a conference, although after the flight back I asked our travel agents to make a note that I…


Exchange 2007 SP1 released

The news went live on the Exchange Web Page yesterday. Technet Magazine has “16 new features in Exchange SP1” the one which is of most interest to me is “Improvements to Unified Messaging”… that’s all about integration with OCS and communicator.  Update: Jason thinks the mobility improvements are pretty major too,  more control over the…


Tales from a weekend of PowerShell: Get-Needle -haystack …

First to explain the title: Sooner or later I will stop banging on about hot-desking and the bedlam which is our office area – last week it did seem to plumb new depths with one team sitting round a speaker phone in the open plan office yelling into a conference call and another playing the flutes/recorders/penny whistles that they were giving away. Hot-desking only works…


Persistent chat – what’s that then ? A quick guide to collaboration modes.

Since I posted about Parlano, a couple of people have asked me about persistent chat. So.. (very briefly) most people understand Mail and Instant messaging. IM is usually 1:1, but we can have multiple users in a a chat. One of the major grumbles about LCS 2005 and Communicator 2005 was that when you escalated…


"Microsoft to buy Parlano" peristant chat.

One of the things about working odd hours is I see things come in from the US, when most sensible Brits are in bed. One came with the message “This announcement was originally scheduled to happen Thursday, August 30th, 2007 at 7AM PDT- however CNET broke embargo ” We are announcing our  intent to acquire…