Cars, social media, phones, windows media and there’s no hiding with co-pilot.

As titles go that’s an odd one, but stay with me. I’ve written before about my Citroen C6: Before Christmas a warning message popped up saying something was wrong with the hydro-pneumatic suspension which give the big Citroens their wonderful ride. A visit to the garage confirmed the problem was real – not a diagnostic…


Video, Windows 7 and Windows Phone

I keep thinking back to the theft of my laptop last year. I’ve had maybe a dozen laptops over the years and I haven’t really the same bond with them that I have with, say, my cameras. Even so whichever laptop I happen to have at the time goes everywhere with me like some kind…


Making word clouds (Part 2: how to use it , and clouds from twitter).

Attached to this post is a Zip file containing Twitter.ps1 the PowerShell script I use to get information from Twitter, and since the word cloud work grew out of that it has ended up in the same file.  It also contains noise.dat the list of noise words which you can customize. If you want to…


Making Word clouds (Part 1: how it works).

I’ve been playing with word clouds on and off for the last couple of months, and finally I’ve decided the time has come to share what I have been doing.  Word clouds turn up in all sorts of places, and I wanted to produce something which could take any text, be customized, and let me…


Windows 7… “Media for everyone !”

From the betas of Windows Vista until the start of September I ran the Ultimate edition of Windows, rather than the enterprise edition. We had a perfectly good enterprise edition as a network installation, but in Vista there one some features missing from enterprise and from time to time I needed to talk about those….


Songsmith again.

Amazing how a Picture goes around , I found it on Eileen’s blog she found it on Jon’s blog.  Doing tech-desk duty at the BETT show last week I had the pleasure of directing questions on Songsmith to Eileen (I’ve got it but haven’t sorted out an activation key so I’m holding off installing it)…


Songsmith – there goes a chunk more time !

Embarrassing personal revelation time. I sing in the car, in silly voices. Anyone who hasn’t heard me doing “Winston Churchill sings Dido’s ‘White Flag’” has had a lucky escape. I mention this because the folks in Microsoft research seem to have been putting something together for people with as little singing ability as me. Watching…


PowerShell and Windows Media Player, part 1

Stange bedfellows you might think but why shouldn’t media be scripted ? I was thinking this a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to run a video before I started a presentation. If the Presentation is due to start at 10:00, and the video is 3 minutes I want to the video to start automatically…


A little bit of Microsoft Honesty.

  I like Vista. And I like the fact that with Ultimate I can have a 64-bit, domain joined , Tablet enabled, Media Center PC. (IN XP these were 4 products). I like media-center.  But one aspect of media centre drives me nuts, and that’s its determination to keep a ton of free space and…


Humphrey Lyttelton. 1921-2008.

On the Roadshow we have been in Cinemas so it seemed appropriate to have a round of IT professional’s film club, an idea which we lifted from Radio 4’s "I’m sorry I haven’t a clue". I’ve never really taken to any other Radio station: I can remember asking my grandmother why "Just a minute" had…