Oink flap –– Microsoft releases software under GPL — oink Flap

Mary-Jo has a post about the release of our Hyper-V drivers for Linux entitled Pigs are flying low: Why Microsoft open-sourced its Linux drivers , it’s one of many out there but the title caught my eye: I thought I’d give a little of my perspective on this unusual release. News of it reached me…


Support for Red Hat OSes on Microsoft Virtualization (and Vice Versa)

One of the questions which comes up on our internal distribution lists for Hyper-V is “when will such and such and OS be supported on Hyper-V” and the somewhat frustrating response is usually in the form “We’re talking to OS vendors, but we can’t talk about contract negotiations while they are going on. As soon…


Hyper-v and competitors /collaborators

When Ray Noorda ran Novell he coined the term Coopertition to describe their relationship with us. Microsoft’s Kevin Turner described this as "Shake hands but keep the other hand on your wallet". We would love customers to buy ONLY Microsoft stuff (support would be SO much simpler), and competitors would love customers only to buy…


Hyper-V PowerShell library – now on Codeplex

I’ve decided to go ahead and post the PowerShell library I have been working on to Codeplex. I wanted to explain various bits of it here before pulling it all together, but that is taking more time than I wanted. I’ve provided early copies to a few people – John Kelbley  used them to good…


Vista vulnerabilities – a comparison.

Perhaps it’s a bit strong to say “if complete and utter chaos was lightning, Jeff Jones would be the sort to stand on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armour and shouting ‘All gods are bastards’ ” (as a favourite quote  has it)  but you must admit it’s a better opening than “Blimey, XP was better…


It must be the truth #2. Astroturf and a rather less green Apple.

Silly me believing stuff I read on the Internet.  First there was the  The register’s story about only 26,000 iphones being activated in the UK. Next came Electronics weekly’s usual “Made by Monkeys” e-mail – I’m not sure how I ended up on the list for it, but I haven’t unsubscribed because once in a while…


Linux Virtual Machine additions 2.0 .

I had to check the URL for Port 25 in the last post (is it technet … or MSDN ? its http://port25.TECHNET.com), and in doing so I spotted a post I’d missed from a few days ago.   The Virtual Machine Additions for Linux 2.0 download is now available. This is to provide better support for qualified distributions…


Security and blogging.

This would normally be one for Steve, but he’s got a few days away…  Kim Cameron’s blog got hacked; normally I’d just say “Blog hacked: Film at Eleven”. Except Kim is a big noise in the Microsoft security world. ZDNet broke the story,  and the comments to it show Anti Microsoft folks out there laughing…


Post removed

This article has been removed. The article implied a number of traits about Mr Richard Morrell which are entirely without basis. I apologise for both the factual inaccuracy and the offence caused to Mr Morrell through this article.    


If freedom of choice doesn’t do it for you how about lower taxes ?

A couple of days ago I wrote about our online Petition to the BSI concerning Open XML, it’s always nice to be noticed by Mary Jo Foley  but she asks Am I the only one, in reading Microsoft’s rationale for ISO standardization, who finds it ironic that Microsoft is citing “customer choice” and “interoperability” as…