IE 8 is safest. Fact.

Every now and then a news story comes up which reminds us that if people with bad intentions, even sensible people can fall into traps on-line. There was one such story last week where friends of the victim said she was “the sensible one” – if she wasn’t unusually gullible it could happen to anyone….


The Zombie cookie apocalypse (or how flash bypasses privacy)

Earlier this week I went to “Oxford Geek Night” and the title of one of title of one of the sessions was “The Zombie Cookie apocalypse” delivered by David Sheldon (I wish his slides were on-line so you could read more and I could give him a proper credit), it wasn’t the only informative session…


The Browser Choice Screen for Europe: What to Expect, When to Expect It

Dave Heiner, one of our Vice Presidents and our Deputy General Counsel has posted an explanation of exactly what will be happening. I would expect something in due course to explain how organizations can prevent their users being presented with the choice screen (if you are using WSUS – and you should be – you…


How to Kill IE 6

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be talking about IE8  (and depending on what gets announced at Mix maybe IE9 as well). Whilst I don’t have the data to prove it I’m convinced a lot of people running Firefox are doing so as a way of getting a modern browser when their company…


Safer Internet day

I don’t often paste things from senior Microsoft folks into my blog, but I’d like to quote some things from our managing director here in the UK, Gordon Frazer February 9th marks Safer Internet Day, a vital drive to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people. For the second year in a…


But I don’t want the default browser

OK cards on the table. I’m prejudiced. I don’t pretend to be anything else, and I try to open about my biases – flaunt them even. And Like most prejudiced people I can explain the logical roots that my prejudices spring from. When it comes to browsers I think IE is pretty good .Actually let…


Add-ons and plug-ins – do you have a favourite ?

I was chatting with a couple of colleagues yesterday about internet explorer. Someone grumbled “When people think of browser add-ons they automatically think of firefox, but there are some really good ones for IE”. I have talked in the past about IE7 pro (which despite the name works with IE8).  I use it for four…


IE8 and privacy , part 1

I wanted to talk about the privacy enhancements in IE8, and to save you from reading something of epic length this is only part 1. First, I do know there are some poor souls out there who work for benighted organizations which can’t get off IE6 – so the idea of working efficiently with a…


Another reason why I like IE8 – dealing with broken scripts

IE 8 just locked up on me. This in and of itself is a Bad Thing. I’ve got into the habit of having lots of tabs open in IE  – I checked it’s currently 70 (why … ? because I can, it’s a pile off stuff I’m thinking about, going back to or what ever)….


Now available on ebay … I’ll have a slice of that !

I’ve been pretty enthused about IE8 since it got to Beta 2. Yes there are some sites which need to be put into “Compatibility view”, which would be better called “IE 7 view” as it renders sites correctly which rely on IE7’s departure from standards. There is an argument for saying “Stuff what the standards…