Free the Windows 7 !

Brandon has a post on the Windows team blog Windows 7 will be in stores beginning October 22nd. I was talking a group of people a little while ago who said “In the stores in time for the Holiday season means what ? A reason margin before thanksgiving in the US ?” So this fits…


More halo 3 picture fun

Driving home last night I heard Stephen McGill (who’s in charge of all things Xbox in the UK) on the PM programme (it’s about 40 minutes in if you want to use the “Listen again feature). He was talking about Gears of War winning the Golden Joystick awards. According to the BBC Xbox and Wii…


Software + Services – X-box live as a model ?

We keep talking about a world of Software + Services. I saw a slide recently that talked about this almost in the form of “Client / Server 2.0” The idea went like this First we had the PC / Mainframe era. It was either anarchic on the PC or Controlled and restricted as a central…


Load up on guns, and bring your friends.

The original Halo was the making of the original Xbox. It looked fantastic and sounded fantastic – spent shotgun cartridge bouncing brass end against a wall and then open onto the floor, spent shell cases from the machine gun tinkling as that bounced of the stone floor. The story unfolded like a movie, and when…


Silverlight and more Halo 3 fun,

I posted before about use of Silverlight for the Halo3 videos – I’ve got to say the whole museum of humanity series is an impressive piece of work just to support Halo. There’s also a an interactive manual that’s well worth a look. I’m  disappointed to see that both and the root MSN Halo site use Flash where they…


What happens if you break a Microsoft embargo

Today has been Halo3 day. Marred for me by the fact that I’ve been on the Road away from my Xbox, and unable to pick-up my copy. Marred too by the fact that I missed my chance to get a copy of legendary edition. You may have read that Argos distributed copies early. Tut, tut….


Wanna see what Silverlight video streaming can do ?

Eileen mentioned on her blog that the New Zealand tech-ed folk had posted their keynote in Silverlight. But with the Greatest respect to the presenters, they don’t have the don’t have the punch of these Halo 3 videos. One of them is pretty violent – maybe not the thing to watch with the kids around.  I…


Why I really bought an Xbox-360

I know my wife reads my blog. (Hello dear). So I hope I’m not going to surprise her. There are a bunch of reasons why I like the Xbox-360 Media’s great on it – though I’m waiting for the wireless network adapter  It’s great to have no wires. Forza MotorSport with the wireless Force feedback steering wheel…


Xbox 360 – a nice surprise at

I’ve been dragging my feet about upgrading my Xbox, but some of the bearings are getting a bit noisy, and the more time I spend with Vista’s Media Center the more I want to use the Xbox as an extender. Then there’s the gaming side: I quite like driving games and to be honest the…


Halo 3 – and well kept secrets

Part of me says I should not have to learn about what’s happening at Microsoft from the BBC. My dive buddy in Malta was asking me about Halo 3 and I was telling him that consumer product launch dates are known to only a very few – it’s one of the few bits of the business which…