Safer Internet day

I don’t often paste things from senior Microsoft folks into my blog, but I’d like to quote some things from our managing director here in the UK, Gordon Frazer February 9th marks Safer Internet Day, a vital drive to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people. For the second year in a…


A uniquely good day to be at Microsoft

I don’t think you can have missed that today was the day Windows 7 became generally available. I’ve been trying to come up with some unique angle on this for a blog post and not getting anywhere. Two thoughts related thoughts I will share. The first: sometimes on these occasions the press turn up and…


My enduring love for OCS .. and a Nice windows 7 feature

My job as an evangelist focuses on Windows platform (client and Server OS), including management (i.e. PowerShell) and Virtualization. But there are other Microsoft products which from my day to day use of them I feel evangelical about. One is Windows Live Writer which is the best tool for composing blog posts that I’ve found….


It’s not about computation, it’s connection and visualization

Yesterday Microsoft UK had its company conference in Brighton, and I always have mixed feelings about these affairs. We transported 1000 people 100 miles and told and with no sense of irony whatsoever we told them about what the company was doing about the environment, showed them a video of the office they had led…


IE 8 testing – part 2

One of the things about a new browser is that various web sites expect particular ID strings to identify browsers they know and get awkward if they don’t recognize the browser ID. So one of the nice things in IE 8 beta 2 is that you can select compatibility mode for particular sites and send…


Mail stress.

I started typing this blog post at 07:21. Outlook has already received the first 50 items of the day. Most of which were from night-owls in the US, a few from Asia/Pacific, and only a couple from European insomniacs. Yesterday it pulled down at least 426. I know this because yesterday I set up 3…


Cars, jobs, and retailing. Why belief matters

A few days ago now, I ordered the replacement for my company car. If you don’t live in the UK, it’s probably news to you that our tax system means that many people get a car and fuel as part of their salary. Those who qualify at Microsoft get to choose between a car with…


Systems of belief … and Ray Ozzie.

My colleague Orlando has a thankless task. We have our big training event this week and Orlando has the job of pulling together the "summit" for evangelists the weekend before the event. Past summits have made it difficult to believe in the value of these events. No one wants to give up family time for…


Off topic. The Cost of fuel, market forces and being green

Part of my salary package working at Microsoft UK is a company car, for which Microsoft buys the fuel. I can opt out of this scheme and take money instead (which is taxed like any other Salary payment) and the Tax office also works out the notional value of the car and fuel (both are…


Top travel tip. Use the calendar. Properly

One of the things that we noticed on the roadshow was the *much* better system for getting us feedback (see here and here oh and here ) and – always looking for ways to improve our processes – a couple of us noted that there’s a big document mailed out with the event information for…