So long, farewell Auf Wiedersehen, good bye

Today is my last day at Microsoft after 10 years, it’s sad to be going, but  as someone said once “Regrets. I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention.” I’ve met some great people while I’ve been here and  I look back on my time here with more pleasure than regret. That’s…


Thinking about the cloud – part 2, Office 365

In my previous post I was talking in general terms about why BPOS was a sound idea. The recent announcement of Ray Ozzie’s retirement set people quoting his mantra “Three screens and a cloud” – the three screens being Computer, Mobile device, and TV.  The unwritten part of “Three screens” is recognising their diversity: people…


Thinking about the cloud (part 1).

I was telling someone recently that before I joined Microsoft I spent the late 1990s running a small training company. The number of employees varied, averaging out at a dozen or so. I delivered training, did the business management, helped the win over customers and I looked after the IT. It was like doing two…


An unexpected call from a help desk? Hang up.

My phone rang: it was my dad. Father/son combinations don’t ring to chat like mother/daughter ones do, and Dad had been having computer problems. Specifically, Excel had been crashing but managing to recover his work. Each time it had offered to send data to Microsoft and each time he had declined. Then his phone had…


Working with the image module for PowerShell; part 3, GPS and other data

In Part one I showed how my downloadable PowerShell module can tag photos using related data – like GPS position – which was logged as they were being taken, and in part two I showed how I’d extended the module in James Brundage’s  PowerPack for Windows 7. Now I want to explain the extensions which…


Exploring the IMAGE PowerShell Module

In part one of this series I showed the finished version of photo-tagging script I’ve been using. I based my work (which is available for download) on James Brundage’s PSImageTools module for PowerShell which is part of the PowerPack included with the Windows 7 Resource kit (and downloadable independently). In this post I want to…


GPS, and other kinds of Picture tagging with PowerShell

Well… I have been off for a bit and you can have a read of the previous post for some background on that. During that time I’ve done a lot of walking, taking photos as I go.  Having raved about my HTC Touch pro 2 and its GPS I’ve been using it to GeoTag those…


How to make and share Panoramas more easily – Microsoft ICE + Photosynth

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was working on a post about scanned images – in fact it’s the same set of scanned images I was using in this earlier post. In that post I talked about putting Panoramas into SilverLight Deep Zoom The teams behind Microsoft ICE* – (the Image Composite and Editing…


The 50th birthday that would have been

If you believe in the parallel universes then there are ones where Ayrton Senna is celebrating his 50th birthday today, having won 6, 7 or 8 world championships.  In this one, the 50th anniversary of his birth is marked a more sombrely. It’s not quite 16 years since he died with 3 championships to his…


Virtualization announcements today.

In another window I am listening to the desktop Virtualization hour which I blogged about yesterday. A couple of hours ahead of the broadcast we posted the press release on Press pass which contained the following detail of what we are announcing today. • New VDI promotions available for qualified customers to choose from today….