Can Bing do twitter search better than twitter ?


First off to avoid any frustration, you need to set your country to United States, because this feature hasn’t been rolled out to all the baby bings.

The you go to and put in what you want to search for, you get the most recent tweets, and links which come up in multiple posts, even (and this is the bit I like) even if they are linked with different shortening services. And you can re-tweet anything you see.

I’ve got another post in draft at the moment which could be seen as having a go at Google, and I don’t want to be get into bashing them, but … Google are seen as the leaders in search, so much so that getting people to even try something else isn’t easy. But I can’t recall the last time I saw Google do anything innovative with search. (I’m sure someone will set me straight on that). Update. Google say they will be searching Twitter in the future: now if they come out after bing and with something which isn’t as good … oh deary deary me.

As I hinted in the previous post, sometimes the negative press we get can get us down. With Windows 7 , and Server 2008 R2, the new Office, the project Natal stuff on Xbox (so cool it will give you frostbite), and Bing showing our search work in a good light, people are writing stories about Microsoft getting its mojo back: as a good Microsoftie I’d argue we never really lost it but after all that knocking copy, I’ll settle for that.

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  1. Tim Acheson says:

    This is looks like a good innovation emerging from the Microsoft-Twitter collaboration. This is a really useful feature. It’s good to see.

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