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For the last few weeks, on and off, Andrew and I have been working on a set of Videos on Windows 7 and Server 2008-R2, which are now available  on youTube. When we were kicking ideas around we came up with the idea of filming Andrew drawing cartoons of what the Screencasts will cover. Like most good collaborations once we got the idea neither of us is terribly certain who thought of what, and when we just being a listening post for the other. Andrew understood we could have click through navigation long before I did, so you click on something he has drawn and go to one of the screen casts which shows the detail. I must admit I never thought I’d end up spending an afternoon filming the linking up of cartoons with coloured string to illustrate remote desktop and VDI, and the though is always “Is this a great idea, or a waste of time”. So far we’ve had some very pleasing comments and if people have got suggestions for more stuff please let me (or Andrew) know about them. Other feed back is always welcome too.

Comments (2)

  1. Alex O. says:

    Bravo! Very original approach. Love the series!

  2. Spencer Steel says:

    Very cool … reminded me of LittleBigPlanet in a way … not sure why.

    Felt uneasy when he screwed it up! What a waste.

    Looking forward to seeing the final output. I’m studying for the new exams, so this could be far more interesting way to explore topics!

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