My life in a bag

I have became a crime statistic. It was only a bag. And I didn’t realize the significance it had until it was gone. Jerry gave out laptop bags as a thank you: working with him and that group of people was the best aspect of that stage of my life, so the bag itself embodied…


Hello Exchange 2010

Inside Microsoft we have this custom of “dog-fooding” new software, and Exchange 2010 is now at the point where Microsoft IT feel they can run it outside of North America. So a few days ago I got a mail saying my mail box was going to be moved to a new server “using the new…


Windows 7… “Media for everyone !”

From the betas of Windows Vista until the start of September I ran the Ultimate edition of Windows, rather than the enterprise edition. We had a perfectly good enterprise edition as a network installation, but in Vista there one some features missing from enterprise and from time to time I needed to talk about those….


On Scanners, Cameras and their USB modes, and lifting the lid on how they can be scripted.

Long title, and I’m afraid I’ve been on a bit of a voyage of discovery about some of the things Windows 7 (and Vista) can do with photos and first thing I wanted to cover here was something I’ve been trying to ignore: Cameras have two USB modes. In “Mass Storage Class” (MSC) mode, the…


Story of a photo.

My last two working days were spent at a team “off-site” – and these things tend to bring out the curmudgeon in me (as I’ve said before). Past experience sends me in braced for a combination of people mumbling their way through 10,000 word PowerPoint decks on their subjects, prepared without a moments thought about…


On PowerShell function design: vague can be good.

There is a problem which comes up in several places in PowerShell – that is helping the user by being vague about parameter types. Consider these examples from my Hyper-V library for PowerShell 1. The user can specify a machine using a string which contains its name Save-VM London-DC or Save-VM *DC, or  Save-VM London*,Paris*…


How to view RAW image files on Windows 7 (and Windows Vista).

My photography posts appear to be a bit like busses. I don’t make one for a while then two together … Some while back I wrote a tale of two Codecs bemoaning the patchy support for RAW files.  Basically we (Microsoft) don’t provide codecs for anything other JPG, TIF, PNG and our Windows Media formats….


Photosynth re-visited

One of the things that I’ve said many times is how great today’s technology seems. The first computer I worked on used punched paper tape. We would need 2 miles of tape to hold 1MB of data. Moving from film photography to digital has meant we can shoot far more pictures: Victorian plate photographers would…


For your viewing pleasure …

For the last few weeks, on and off, Andrew and I have been working on a set of Videos on Windows 7 and Server 2008-R2, which are now available  on youTube. When we were kicking ideas around we came up with the idea of filming Andrew drawing cartoons of what the Screencasts will cover. Like…


How to use $myInvocation to do simple command profiling in PowerShell

One of the things I’ve noticed on our internal PowerShell DL is that some of the Redmond cognoscenti like to have the history ID in their PowerShell prompt and I was never sure how they did it.  Then the other day I noticed it was part of the $MyInvocation automatic variable, so it is easy…