Seventh Heaven

As I mentioned recently I have bought a new Camera – the Pentax K7 : as a proper photographer I’m bothered more by lenses than camera bodies and last year I acquired Pentax’s beautiful 77mm Limited series. All those 7s and a new version of Windows... So I thought I’d grab a photo , so I picked up my compact (a 7MP one), and took a photo to have in the Windows 7 screen shot below. Quite by coincidence it is one of 77 pictures in the folder and the lens is focused at about 7M. Instead of doing this post on a Friday I should have waited to till the weekend, not for the 7th day of the week, but because I will be flying to the US – you guessed it, on a Boeing 777 with Air Canada – the great circle route does quite take me past seventy degrees north, sadly. Or Perhaps I should have shot it at 7 minutes past 7 O’clock….

Editing a 7MP image of a Pentax K7 with 77 mm lens, one of 77 pictures in a Windows 7 folder.

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