Update on Windows 7-E / IE 8

Many thoughts have been expressed about the situation with Windows 7 and internet explorer in Europe, but relatively few of them on Microsoft blogs.  No-one wants to be the idiot who prejudices a legal case, so anything I (or other bloggers) might be thinking of saying needs to be run past the legal folks first:…


Vulcan hunting: a mini case study in social media

I’ve described some of my activities over recent weekends as the biggest hunt for a Vulcan since Star Trek III – The Search For Spock. The Vulcan I’m after isn’t the pointy eared kind but XH558, the only flying example left of the V Bomber. It’s very easy to talk a lot of tosh about…


Seventh Heaven

As I mentioned recently I have bought a new Camera – the Pentax K7 : as a proper photographer I’m bothered more by lenses than camera bodies and last year I acquired Pentax’s beautiful 77mm Limited series. All those 7s and a new version of Windows… So I thought I’d grab a photo , so…


PowerShell on-line help: A change you should make for V2 (#3) (and How to Author MAML help files for PowerShell)

In the last could of “change you should make” posts I’ve talked about a couple of things which turn  Functions from being the poor-relation of compiled Cmdlets (as they were in PowerShell V1) to first class citizens, under V2. Originally the term “Script Cmdlets” was used but now we call them “Advanced functions”. This is…


A tale of two codecs. Or how not to be a standard.

I’ve just bought a new digital SLR camera. Being a dyed in the wool Pentax person, I’ve upgraded to their new K7. Being fairly serious about (some of) my photography I shoot quite a lot in RAW format.(In case you didn’t know higher end digital cameras can save the data as it comes off their…


Oink flap –– Microsoft releases software under GPL — oink Flap

Mary-Jo has a post about the release of our Hyper-V drivers for Linux entitled Pigs are flying low: Why Microsoft open-sourced its Linux drivers , it’s one of many out there but the title caught my eye: I thought I’d give a little of my perspective on this unusual release. News of it reached me…


Release the Windows 7 !

It’s official. Windows 7 has released to manufacturing. http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2009/jul09/07-22Windows7RTMPR.mspx  It’s official. Windows Server 2008 R2 has released to Manufacturing http://blogs.technet.com/windowsserver/archive/2009/07/22/windows-server-2008-r2-rtm.aspx It’s official. Hyper-V server R2 has released to manufacturing http://blogs.technet.com/virtualization/archive/2009/07/22/windows-server-2008-r2-hyper-v-server-2008-r2-rtm.aspx  When will be able to get your hands on it http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windows7/archive/2009/07/21/when-will-you-get-windows-7-rtm.aspx    Woo hoo !


PowerShell Modules: A change you should make for V2. (#2)

A few days back I wrote about PowerShell version 2’s ability to confirm whether it should be changing something. Since I was writing something which would some pretty drastic changes , supporting –WhatIf and –Confirm for almost no effort seems like a huge win. The next thing I wanted to cover was modules. I’ve written…


How to activate Windows from a script (even remotely).

I have been working on some PowerShell recently to handle the initial setup of a new machine, and I wanted to add the activation. If you do this from a command line it usually using the Software Licence manager script (slMgr.vbs) but this is just a wrapper around a couple of WMI objects which are…


Michael Jackson memorial concert

I’ve had a “please blog this” email: most of these get deleted on sight, but because of the unusual circumstances I’m posting this one. I’m not going to add any commentary on the Music, life and/or death of Michael Jackson: it’s all been said. July 7th, 10AM PT, 1PM ET [that is 6PM UK, 7PM…