XP mode for Windows 7

Sometimes I feel I’m an old man longing for some golden age which only ever existed in my memory… and I felt like that over the weekend when I heard about “Windows XP mode” for Windows 7. This seems to have gone out through members of the media before the product team blogged it.  The feedback we’ve been seeing for Windows 7 tells me that the “Under new management” approach of product team is paying off: but part of that approach is less information is shared inside Microsoft than I remember. If that is the price for getting a really great product then so be it.

No doubt Redmond watchers will dissect every word of the blog post for special meanings. 


Update: Someone from Redmond asked me (politely)  not to speculate about this. So I’ll wait until I’ve got some more solid facts before saying anything else.

Comments (2)

  1. James ONeill says:

    Historically Virtual PC hasn’t relied on this. So if it is a development of VPC the expectation would be it won’t either. Beyond that …  I’m going to honour the request not to speculate.

  2. Mikey@Sick Puppy says:

    Do you know if these new virtualisation programs rely on the Intel/AMD CPU Virtualisation Technologys?

    I hope not, as it will rule out using them on most new Deasktop, Laptop and Netbooks.

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