A collection of links for the weekend.

Since I was talking recently about having a lot of tabs open in IE, it’s fair to say that a lot of them are open as things that might be worth writing about or sending people to; but not all of them actually get that follow-up  Here’s the current selection.

You'll Pry Vista from My Cold Dead Hands: Linux Magazine

Why Microsoft's XP-to-Windows-7 upgrade strategy is right – InfoWorld

Government 2.0: The Rise of the Goverati – Read Write web

Webber & Vettel rip through the F1 2009 rule book - Red Bull Racing

Engineering the windows 7 boot animation On the Engineering 7 blog.

Booting from VHD in Windows 7: Technet edge

Ballmer: Enterprise XP holdouts will get hell from consumers : InfoWorld (Interesting echo of this post of Steve Lamb’s and stuff we’ve been saying on our roadshows)

How well does Windows 7 handle 512MB? – Ed Bott on ZDNet

London by night from the air A rare thing – a “you’ve got to see this” link which came by mail which was worth visiting

Underwater cameras reveal how grizzly bears use their feet to collect dead salmon from the bottom of pools BBC natural history at its best

[Update] server problems meant this didn’t go live till Monday morning. Grrr.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You had a post dated 10/21/08 where you referenced a sound clip that you have from Billy Connolly saying "We want this! And that! We demand a share in this, and most of that, some of this, and all of that! Less of that, and more of this, and plenty of this! And another thing – we want it now! We want it yesterday, and we want more tomorrow! And the demands will all be changed then, so stay awake!"

    Do you still have the clip and if so could I ask you to email that to me? I have been scouring the internet for it-



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