A new bit of Windows 7 (for me)

Someone sent me a couple of good links about new bits Tim Sneath's bumper list of Windows 7 Secrets, and Brandon's list of Hotkeys. Both are worth a look. If [Window] [+] and [Window][-] zoom in Server 2008 R2 it’s going to help demos enormously.

On the subject of demos, I’m presenting tomorrow, and in a hotel overnight. The hotel charges £10 for internet access and there is a McDonalds across the Car park where internet is free. I got a message while I was at the check in, and needed to attend to it and decided to grab a coffee and a bite and use their internet, which is provided by “The Cloud” I noticed recently that Pret a Manger* are also providing free internet and I’d rather be there but hey … It turns out they also use the cloud.

So what’s the new thing in 7 ?  Well not only is it fewer clicks to connect to wireless (it’s all off the tray Icon) but if you’ve ever used a service like this you’ll know that you have to logon – even to the free service. So you play the game of “will outlook / communicator etc connect or do I have to go to IE” I always have a blank home page in IE, and it’s usually running when I logon so the instructions to “open your browser” which most places give wake up my inner pedant.
Windows 7 takes the guess work out of it.



* Really I noticed. I took a photo of it !


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