Not just rewarding failure: 25% off voucher for passing exams.

For a while now we’ve had a program called second shot for people taking MCP exams. Take an exam and if you fail you get a second shot at it on us. All very fine and good, breaking down barriers to people doing the exam if they’re afraid of wasting their money and so on. But if you passed the exam what did you get ? Nothing.You paid full price for the test, and in effect subsidized the person who didn’t prepare properly. Well Second shot is changing to give something to people who pass. From now until the end of the year you still get a free re-sit if fail any exam you’ve paid full price for, but if you pass you get a 25% off voucher for another exam to be taken before the end of February. As they say “terms and conditions apply” but you can see the details at Just be confident of passing your discounted exam, because that doesn’t have a free re-sit.

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  1. Joseph McEntire says:

    Brilliant.  I’m currently gearing up to take the battery of tests for the 2003 MCSE certification.  The cost over the next two months will be somewhat lessened by this valuable offer.  Provided I pass the necessary tests it will even grant me another month of valuable study time.  Kudos.  It’s a great idea.

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