High Performance computing Webcasts over the next two weeks

I haven’t really said much about Windows HPC server 2008, which we launched recently as the successor to Compute Cluster Server. But there are some useful webcasts lined up , they’re early in the morning Redmond time, which puts them at then end of working day for those of us in Europe. HPC Webcast Series:…


Scheduling task on Server 2008 – a Hyper-V snapshot

I had a mail from Alessandro, asking about scheduling operations on Hyper-V; specifically he wanted to schedule the snapshotting of a virtual machine. The logic was already in my codeplex library, but it only needs a couple of the functions (new-vmsnapshot and get-vm), but the easiest thing seemed to be to make its own PS1…


Mary Jo Foley and Windows pet peeves.

It was interesting listening to Mary Jo at the event Eileen got together last week. Mark has a good write up. No two ways about, Mary Jo’s a PC:  there were a couple of comments she made which stayed with me one was that other companies  “can do things which Microsoft would get skewered for”…


Tech-ed for IT professionals next week

Just a quick note to say that I will be spending next week in Barcelona. Anyone who is going who wants to meet up, feel free to mail me.


Virtualize or Virtualise ?

I was presenting at a session on Virtualization on Friday, and the Organizer had collated all the slides together into one deck. And he had “corrected” my spelling of Virtualization because one of the other presenters used Virtualisation with an S. Every so often people tell me that using Z is a nasty modern American…


PowerShell and Windows Media Player, part 2

In the previous post on this topic I showed how to get a media player object $wmp = New-object  –COM WMPlayer.OCX And introduced functions which worked with its playListCollection, mediaCollection and CurrentPlaylist to implement Get-Playlist   Set-PlaylistGet-media Get-mediaByAttribute Get-MediaInPlaylist  Append-Media Reset-media At the end of that piece I introduced Stop-media  Pause-media Play-media Which use the Controls…


SCVMM 2008 released.

There’s Billy Connolly sample which I’ve had on my PC for ages. To use it recently at Virtualization events Steve Lamb had to edit 3 rude works out of 12 seconds. We want this, and that, We demand a share in that and most of that. Some of this and **** all of that Less…


PowerShell and Windows Media Player, part 1

Stange bedfellows you might think but why shouldn’t media be scripted ? I was thinking this a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to run a video before I started a presentation. If the Presentation is due to start at 10:00, and the video is 3 minutes I want to the video to start automatically…


PowerShell, WMI and formatting

I’ve been doing a ton of PowerShell recently, in which is part of the reason why the number of blog posts I’ve made has been down. One of the jobs has been to go back to some of the code I wrote a while back and examine how I handle WMI objects. At the time…


Hyper-v Server , what is it exactly ?

I’ve got multiple blog posts on the go in Windows Live Writer at the moment, one talking of the relative dearth of posts recently. Last week the folks at VMware put up another post about Hyper-V server and in it actually found something nice to say about me (even if they mis-spelled my name. double-L…