Photosynth – follow up

My post last week on Photosynth was best with gremlins - first I managed to link to PhotoSyth (missing the N). The stopped re-directing to Then the interest was so high that the servers couldn't keep up and more capacity had to be added ... so the synths I tried to build all failed. Grrr. It involves uploading a lot of files and with my Internet connection running at 8Mbits/Sec download and 256bits per minute upload (or so it seems) it's a long process to have fail.

As of this morning it all seems to be working. So I re-synthed the set of Pictures I shot of Blenheim Palace  and Microsoft UK's campus for the version we were able to play with last year. The current generation of synther is much better than what we had then. But what I shot at Blenheim doesn't join up to a single synth (but click the "three dots" icon or press M and you can move between sub-syths. As a demo I quite like to Zoom in on the inscription on the base of the triumphal column then zoom out and pull the camera back.

Paul Foster has also a synth from some Pictures I shot of the London eye - three of us shot about 5GB of Photos in a couple of hours and I'm going to be trying various things with mine - so have a look at the "All Jamesone's synths" page

Sadly, some of the great synths we built with the BBC have gone in the the process of doing the update. I'd love to see their Trafalgar square one re-done - possibly even with the new Trafalgar Square synths merged in. On the plus side, the original St Marks Square synth from the preview has been re-done. Now it is possible to link to a specific place- so if you want to find Stephen Hawking in there (and the comments tell you how) you can click the icon on the right outside the picture and get a link to your friends. Although we only see what someone standing in a public place would have seen (so it's not invading his privacy) I don't feel right posting the link myself.


Update. Some more of my London eye pictures have synthed up quite nicely I'd start here

Comments (3)

  1. James ONeill says:

    Cracksys, I must admit I agree. I had an internal preview build which did everything from the local disk. It’s long since expired and the synther is managing to connect more photos from the same set. But there is demand for a version – even a paid for one – which doesn’t have the same requirement to upload.

    Jonathan, I don’t know if I should respond with "These are not the domains you are looking for"  🙂

  2. Jonathan Noble says:

    Your PhotoSyth typo made me wonder if those dealing in the dark side of the force were uploading pictures at Seems they aren’t, but some squatter is hopeful that Lord Vader will come along and offer a pile of cash for the domain. Seemingly though, such a URL is not what your standard Jedi is looking for – is available! 😉

  3. cracksys says:

    Microsoft are just like Bethesda, they can’t think properly before releasing something. Ya, I know it’s only in Beta stage which validate these problems.

    I like it more if they could let me do the synth-ing in my desktop and THEN upload it after it is finish.

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