Photosynth – 3 words. Create Your Synth

I've mentioned Photosynth a few times, and I had a mail this morning which said we've have gone live with a public version. You can read the press release here, but really just go to . Have a look at what others have done, but I'd really encourage people to try it : you'll see the words "Create your synth" at the bottom left - Click it, install it, Enjoy it.

I've had access to some pre-release versions and I need to rebuild them for the public site, links will follow shortly.

Update. Thanks to Steve J and Matt M for pointing out the typo in the link. Fingers not as fast as Brain - and not for the first time !
Update 2. Yesterday I the documents I had were using the .COM address, which redirected to The site seemed to have a few first day nerves, and this morning the .com redirect is not working. (Sigh. Go straight to

Comments (4)

  1. jon honeyball says:

    Love to try it, but put off by the public nature of everything uploaded.

  2. Steve Hiner says:

    I think it’s  As far as I can tell is a link farm.

  3. Steve Hiner says:

    Now I see what happened.  You linked to instead of

  4. mike says:

    Just my desk and only 8 pictures…but i made it in only 10 minutes with my cell phone.  Pretty cool to play around with.

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