Looks like September for SCVMM

The most senior Microsoft person ever to tell me off for something did so for my repeating of something which was circulating at IT-Forum last year - that there was a plan to sync up the release of the new version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Hyper-V. Obviously the two product teams want the smallest gap between the two, but syncing  up the two really was never in the plans. Product groups prefer to be vague about dates; they'd much rather say things like "Second half of the year". - which until recently that was the line on SCVMM. According to Computer World, our Chief Operating Office, Kevin Turner announced that it would be September, and that's confirmed on Rakesh's blog. That's within a nice round 90 days after Hyper-V Released; not that anyone authoritative ever gave that timescale.

Comments (2)

  1. James ONeill says:

    Jon, those in the know are remaining tight lipped. I can share my guess when it might be by mail, but posting here will just lead to someone writing "A Microsoft person said on his blog it would be on a Thursday" or whatever.

  2. jon honeyball says:

    now about that elusive "hyperv OS" which noone seems to know anything about, and which there is no news….

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