Surprise of the day. In praise of Roadchef.

A few days ago I posted in praise of McDonalds for their free WiFi. So I shouldn't have been surprised to stop at the motorway services and find Roadchef (at least at Norton Canes , off the M6 Toll) are doing the same. But in an otherwise predictable day, it was a surprise.

OK they did charge me £7.35 for a sandwich and a cup of coffee so one can argue they can afford it: still if places like this are giving free access (and to be fair , without requiring a purchase) it just adds to the pressure on places like hotels to stop stinging customers for access.

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  1. James ONeill says:

    Kieran Yes, I used it make the original post 🙂 Last time I stopped there it was just a normal BT Openzone site.

    Now there’s a big sign as you drive in saying "Enjoy Free WiFi with your Costa Coffee".  I assumed it was costa doing it, but there are more signs as you go in saying it’s Roadchef. When you go through the process of connecting there  are buttons  "Click here to use the free service" and "Click here if you’ve subscribed to the  BT service".  (I haven’t been a BT customer for 11 years now. My phone line is part of the cable TV system).

  2. ML49448 says:

    Yeah Roadchef have rolled out Free wi-fi to all of it’s 29 sites. It’s quite quick as well, which is nice 🙂

  3. Kieran says:

    I was at the same service station recently – but it was free to BT broadband customers only. Are you sure those were 100% free to everyone?

  4. MarkP says:

    On the subject of free wi-fi

    If you are every going to brighton check out "loose connection" i visit every few months and most of the pubs have free wi-fi (and good and cheap bar food)

    i have never tried it but last summer they created a wi-fi beach between the two piers (which had a free service)

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