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I'm quite hardcore about Technet, having had it since 1993 myself I guess that's not really surprising. My sound bite is

I expect a plumber to have a set of spanners. I expect a Doctor to have a stethoscope. I expect an IT professional to have access to technet.

Seriously. If you work with Microsoft Technologies and you don't have Technet you're not in a position to do the job properly. Technet plus, when it came in gave access to pretty much all our professional Software and Betas too  - that used to mean hundreds of disks over a year - not very green, but Technet plus direct is geared round software downloads - quicker, green and Cheaper.

Could we make it more attractive ?  Well yes. It has 2 Support Events included, paying for those Events costs would cost you more than the measly £234 (+Irish VAT) that Technet costs. £234! - that's a couple of hours of a consultant's time. If you can't save that time over a year even without using any support events then I'd be stunned.

Could we make it more attractive ?  Yes, actually. How about up to 30% off (Sorry UK customers only. For full details, follow the link below)

Up to 30% off the best resource you can get for your job !

Just go here , check what you get, and when you place the order put in the promotional code. UKITPRO5

What are you waiting for ?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When I was at the Newcastle roadshow event I was already considering buying this but when I found out it was a 30% discount (I had an offer of a 25% discount code from someone) I jumped at the chance to buy a subscription.  It’s finally gone active today after over a week but it’s worth it, I had no idea there was so much included in it!  I have to apologise to you though James, I gave the discount code for Viral because he seems like me – cheeky and a bit sarcastic.

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