Eggsactly the wrong way to go about things.

We've had a mail thread running about what happened to Steve Ballmer in Hungary.  If you haven't seen in on Eileen's blog just search for "Ballmer" on youtube and you can watch what happened. To save you the trouble,   Ballmer was at Corvinus University to address students and receive an honorary degree. A local man stood up from the audience and accused Microsoft of stealing millions of dollars from the Hungarian people, and then threw three eggs .

Now I'm not going to share all the internal information partly because it talks about Steve's security arrangements, but I did want to call out a couple of things. Steve has security who travel with him and they didn't pounce on this guy and rough him up (perhaps our PR people saw the Walter Wolfgang incident at the Labour Party conference ... ).Steve could have pulled a Prescott and gone after the guy himself.  Instead he seems to come out of this looking pretty unflappable: I'm told he was very nice to everyone about it, joking that back home the guy's aim would have been better. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As I always say when in europe one egg is never un oeuf!

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