iSCSI, clustering and Hyper-V

One of the things I've been saying I'd blog for a while is how to set up a cluster on Hyper-V. Since Hyper-V does not support sharing SCSI disks between machines, you need to use iSCSI - which is all fine and good if you're doing it in production with real workloads and a proper budget; but a bit of a pain if you're doing it in a lab or training environment. Inside Microsoft I can get what I need courtesy of storage server, but what about the rest of the world ? There are several  iSCSI products with free evaluation versions so I was going to try a couple out, document them and post the results. Well my colleague in Ireland Gavin McShera, has saved me the trouble, with a blog post which explains it all. Once you've set-up iSCSI you Gavin links to the article on setting up a 2 node file serving cluster and you can see how easy clustering really is in 2008.

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