On Ninjas.

andrew2 Over the weekend one of the many Davids I count among my friends mailed me a curious job title from his organization. Yesterday, in one of those moments of serendipity Viral told me about one of the guys in Redmond who has the job title of "Zune Ninja" - he explains how the the title came about here. A while back I mentioned Tom Lehrer, and Plagiarize. Viral's good friend James Senior is the one whose name is cursed, when we found out he published first.

So while we're on Ninjas, I should say that when I drew the team cartoons using Janina Köppel's Excellent SP-Studio I couldn't find a way to capture Andrew so I tried doing him as SQL Ninja. This seems like a good time for that cartoon to come to light.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A little while ago James discovered a fun little app ( SP-Studio )  for SouthParking people. 

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